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Installing a new lawn is a time-consuming, not inexpensive exercise so it’s crucial you get it right. Buying cheap, uncertified turf is running a huge risk and you can end up with a lawn that doesn’t establish properly, is infested with pest, weeds or disease, or just doesn’t suit the climate, location or yard you have.

By purchasing your turf from an accredited grower you eliminate those risks and are guaranteed to receive a lawn that is suitable to your yard, locale and climate. As an example, a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) accredited grower is one of a select group of turf growers that provide turf perfectly suited to the local environment.

The accreditation system is based on the following core factors:

  • All growers adhere to the same strict, nationally endorsed standards
  • Growers are subjected to continuous reviews and improvement methods
  • Members are audited on an on-going basis to ensure complete compliance
  • LSA members follow the same systems in regards to OHS, product quality, delivery, installation, training, site environmental controls and in-house business systems.

The Lawn Solutions Australia guidelines above covers all the nationally available brands – Sir Walter, Eureka Kikuyu, Nullarbor Couch, Platinum Zoysia and RTF Fescue. An accredited turf grower, like Daleys Turf, not only adheres to strict growing and auditing procedures, but offers a 10 year warranty on your lawn and support for the life of your lawn – you won’t get any of that buying your new lawn from a fly-by-night cheap company that is just in the industry for a quick buck. Accredited growers are committed to their product, their industry and their clients for the long term.

Simon Adermann, LSA Business Manager explains, ‘When you deal with LSA it means you can specify the same branded turf product across Australia and get consistent results with the best variety to suit local conditions.’

‘In an industry notorious for turf brands and varieties that are ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, you can also be confident that LSA turf brands are here to stay.’

And it gets better…

Daleys Turf also offers the ‘Perfect Lawn Guarantee’ – a commitment, in conjunction with LSA that ensures that you will have the right lawn for you.

The Perfect Lawn Guarantee is:

  • An industry first;
  • A 10 year Customer Product Warranty which ensures your Daleys Turf lawn has been grown and harvested to strict LSA standards, is weed and disease free upon delivery, and will perform to the maximum of its potential in its new environment;
  • Confirmation that you are receiving a lawn from a handpicked, trained and experienced grower;
  • An assurance that you are buying the best performing turf varieties for your local region.

And as well as the Lawn Solutions Australia guarantee is Daleys Turf’s own 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime support. Daleys Turf ensures this by offering access to online ordering of lawn care products and a range of resources that are updated on a regular basis. Getting your lawn from an accredited grower provides consistency in quality, unrivalled service and support, and peace of mind for the life of your lawn. Overall, dealing with Daleys Turf as a member of Lawn Solutions Australia and an accredited grower means you are dealing with a turf grower who will market a uniformly branded range of turf products and provide after-sales value-added services.

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