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While some may think that a strong and healthy lawn is one which is perfectly manicured and a particularly lush shade of green, that’s not necessarily true. Over working your lawn to maintain a sense of a perfected lawn is not even the most environmentally responsible thing to do. So what is a strong and healthy lawn?

A strong and healthy lawn is one which:

  • Has a longer mowing height and therefore leaf length – reduces evaporation and protects the soil
  • Is watered infrequently but deeply – supporting strong, deep root system growth therefore reducing the need of frequent watering and increasing its ability to withstand periods of drought
  • Receives a year round balanced diet – does not suffer from infrequent, haphazard feeding which can lead to health issues and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Has a good soil which has the right balance of nutrients
  • Is mowed when and as required so as to not struggle by being overgrown but is also not too short so as to become stressed more than necessary
  • Is green most of the year but browns off slightly during times of stress – winter, extreme heat, and drought – this is perfectly normal, healthy even.
  • So while a strong and healthy lawn does require ongoing lawn care, if you cultivate the right practices you will find that your lawn will eventually require less mowing, less watering and, of course, less herbicides and insecticides as it is naturally able to ward off invasions from pests and disease.

If you are installing a new lawn the best way to ensure you have the best chance for a year round strong and healthy lawn is to select a turf specially grown for your local climate and the type of soil in your backyard. For expert advice on the right lawn variety for your location, contact the team at Daleys Turf, we only grow lawn suited to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

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