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Choosing the right variety and the right brand of turf for your new backyard lawn or commercial application can be confusing but Daleys Turf, in conjunction with Lawn Support Australia (LSA), is here to help.

When you choose turf from Daleys Turf you can be assured that, despite the variety or ‘brand name’, the turf has been specifically grown to suit the local environment, growing conditions and climate.

So what’s in a name?

You may be asking yourself why the need for brand names if the turf varieties are the same but there are a few specific reasons behind the branding of turf such as soft-leaf buffalo and couch. Under the brands of Sir Walter (soft-leaf buffalo) and Nullarbor Couch (couch), Daleys Turf and LSA guarantee that the variety of turf grown and supplied is perfected suited to the local climate and has an optimum opportunity to thrive. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and life-time support the ‘name’ gives you confidence in your decision to lay an LSA brand of turf.

Only 40 licensed growers across Australia have been selected to provide the Lawn Support Australia brands so you can be assured that you are getting the healthiest and most suitable turf variety for your local area.

Looking for the brand names Sir Walter and Nullarbor Couch will ensure that you receive a lawn that is grown and supplied in compliance with the stringent guidelines and training by Lawn Support Australia.

For more information or a quote on laying either Sir Walter or Nullarbor Couch for your residential or commercial project contact the Daleys Turf team today.

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