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With some house lots becoming smaller and the many people opting for Town Houses and Duplex living, it was inevitable that lawns became smaller too. Choosing turf for smaller areas requires some thought; you want a turf variety that will do well in a small space while requiring a minimal amount of maintenance.

Low Invasive Lawn

Typically the smaller yards we are seeing today include both a small amount of lawn and gardens or paved areas. For this reason the best option for turf is a variety that is a low invasive lawn. If you have a small yard it’s usually because you don’t want to be spending huge amounts of time on maintenance and so pulling overgrown grass from gardens or from around pavers is not ideal. Consider varieties such as Zoysia, soft leaf Buffalo or Queensland Blue. Avoid Kikuyu and Couch.

Low Maintenance

When you have a small yard the last thing you probably want to do is to spend heaps of time and money on lawn maintenance – fertilising, watering, mowing etc. etc. Sir Walter soft leaf Buffalo, Zoysia and Queensland Blue are great low maintenance options for small areas – they can miss a watering or a mowing here and there and still be okay. Kikuyu and Couch both require a lot more lawn care to stay under control, neat and tidy so might not work if you’re after an easy care option.


Quite often the most common issue in smaller areas is shade – small lawns are often surrounded by buildings, fences, hedges, trees and shrubs which create a lot of shade and can mean that a lawn struggles to grow and thrive. Select a shade tolerant turf variety such as Sir Walter DNA Certified soft leaf Buffalo turf if the smaller is subjected to a large amount of shade, or will in the future. For moderate shade now and in the future a Zoysia variety is a good option. The worst choices for small, shaded areas would be Kikuyu or Couch being the least shade tolerant varieties available.

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  1. Thanks for this information.. I have a very small back yard. It had patchy couch when I bought it. I replaced it with runners of what I was told was North Queensland carpet grass and it looked awesome but died off completely when I used a buffalo safe weed and feed product. It gets only about an hour of sun in the winter but full sun all day in the summer. What grass would you recommend?

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