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It can be difficult to know whether it is best to try and repair a lawn or that the time has come to replace.

When to repair your lawn:

  • The lawn is less than 50% of weeds
  • While the grass may be a little thin in places or there are some bare patches, the lawn is overall quite healthy
  • The lawn only turns brown during severe conditions

What to do:

  • Apply a herbicide specific for that type of weeds found in your lawn and the variety of turf you have.
  • Apply fertiliser and water in well. This will strengthen the lawn and encourage new growth and self-repairing of the bare patches.
  • Replace any larger bare patches with new turf.
  • Maintain a regular lawn care plan to ensure the long term health of your lawn.

When to replace your lawn:

  • It is over 15 years’ old and consistently diseased
  • The lawn is 50% or more of weeds
  • The lawn has very poor drainage or water puddles consistently on the surface of the lawn

What to do:

Select and order a variety of turf suitable for your local climate and backyard conditions. See the different varieties of turf ideal for South East Queensland lawns here.

If you will be installing your new lawn yourself we recommend first reading the Daleys Turf Installation Guide here. For more information on ordering your new lawn or for help with delivery and installation contact the Daleys Turf team today.

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