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Whether you have moved into a new house and are taking care of a lawn for the first time, or are an old hand at tending lawns, the Daleys Turf team have put together the ultimate toolkit checklist; everything you need to take care of your lawn.

  • Combination moisture, light and pH tester – this handy device will help you to determine the optimum conditions for your lawn – whether it needs watering, whether the overhanging branches need trimming, whether it’s too acidic or too alkaline and therefore the nutrients your soil needs.
  • Rotary turf edger – essential for keeping paths and driveways neat and tidy.
  • Measuring spoons – convenient for measuring out herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and even fertilisers.
  • Spreader – designed to ensure the fertiliser and other preparations are distributed over the lawn evenly and easily – definitely worth the investment.
  • Hose & attachments – for lawn watering as well as clean up, a sturdy hose that reaching all parts of the lawn and a few different attachments is a necessary part of any lawn toolkit.
  • Sprinkler system – the choices are numerous but they will ensure correct watering – deep and less frequent to ensure a stronger, deeper root system.
  • Aerating sandals and lawn aerators – at least yearly it is recommended that you check for soil compaction and aerate your lawn. Aerating sandals are an effective way to aerate a small area or a minor soil compaction issue, while larger spaces or issues are best dealt with using a specific lawn aerator. If you don’t wish to purchase a lawn aerator it’s a good idea to at least have the name and number of a local business through which you can hire one as required.
  • Weeding brush – a weeding brush will make short work of a small amount of weeds before they become a full-blown invasion and the entire lawn requires treatment.
  • Pump action sprayer – when entire lawn applications of herbicides, insecticides or pesticides are necessary, you’ll be glad you have a pump action sprayer – it makes the process both easier and safer.
  • Lawn mower – again, there are many different types to choose from but, unless you are going to have a lawnmower service come in on a regular basis, you need a lawn mower. Your choices include push, petrol-powered, battery-powered, electric and even robotic. Basically it comes down to personal choice and budget.

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