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The History of Sir Walter TurfSir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawns are one of Australia’s most popular grass varieties, continuing to be one of the best choices for your backyard. Sir Walter Turf thrives in the hot, dry Australian environment, with its drought tolerance, low maintenance and high wear, but where did it actually come from?

Buffalo turf is thought to have originated in the Americas, Africa or the Mediterranean. The first recordings of Buffalo turf in Australia are from the 1820’s, where Gregory Blaxland, a farmer in Sydney, is believed to have cultivated it. 

Brent Redman, the owner of Buchanan Turf Supplies then began trialing different types of buffalo grass in the late 80’s. He noticed that a specific type of grass was growing better than the others, and focused on maintaining this one. He named this grass Sir Walter, an acronym to reflect the qualities of the grass. Winter Active, Low Thatch, Environmentally Responsible.

The Sir Walter Buffalo grass was then produced across Australia, and has become an iconic Aussie grass, and one of the most successful commercial turfs. You can see why, given that is is able to grow in almost any environment, which is perfect for the Australian climate.

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