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The last entry has been received and the winner drawn in the Daleys Turf lawn make-over competition. Everyone at Daleys Turf has been humbled by the response, we had over 2600 entries, as well as the reasons how people would love to use a new lawn.

From revamping a tired, weed infested or barren backyard to be able to lay turf as part of a new home build, from young families wanting the littlies to avoid prickles in tiny toes, to older couples just wanting to finally be able to relax and enjoy a cuppa – we had it all. This has just reinforced our belief in the importance of the Aussie backyard and how a great one compliments our love of the outdoors.

Many entries centred around the theme of adding value to their home, particularly for those who are soon to put their property on the market, and others just wanted to make the neighbours jealous – we understand that. It seems many are struggling with weeds, thistles and bindi in their current lawns and unfortunately we can’t give everyone a brand new Sir Walter lawn so please check out our blogs for some tips that might help get rid of the problems and help with your lawn care.

We had entries from Grandmas, Grandpas, soon to be mums, young couples, older couples and everyone in between, even poets, and we thank you all for taking the time to tell us how you would love to use your new lawn. We especially thank those that entered in the hope of winning in order to give the prize to a family member or friend – your generous spirit is to be commended.

At Daleys Turf we would love to share just a few of those that touched us:

I will run with my granddaughter, roll on the grass and make pictures in our imagination from the clouds!

“Watch my grandkids tumble and roll,

Take a barefoot garden stroll,

Admire my lawn free of weeds and prickles,

And those nasty spikey thistles.”

I would like to use my new Daley’s lawn – Daily.

I would like to roll on it! I love the feel of fresh green spongey lawn.

My two boys have turned a big part of my in-laws lawn into a giant dirt pit (which they love to play in!) but I’m not so sure my in-laws love it so I would love to fix it for them.

I’d love it so much I’d bring the doona out & snooze under the stars.

We would LOVE to win and have new lawn for our elderly Grandparents! They bought a house four years ago in Sippy Downs, the builder just put cheap turf down on top of all the rubbish and left over soil which is near impossible to keep it looking and growing nicely. We have just moved into Sippy Downs right near our Grandparents and have started mowing the lawn for them but it would be awesome to see them with a really lovely lawn because they love their garden dearly and they are embarrassed about the lawn they have now.

And a big congratulations to our 2012 winner: Nathalie de Joffrey. What is Nathalie doing with her lawn make-over prize? This is what she said on finding out that she was the winner – ‘Thank you so very much! I have entered for my Uncle Bill and Aunty Maz as they really need a new lawn as it is non-existent anymore! (won’t need to kill the old grass) It was a very big surprise to get the emil and so unbelievable! They really deserve it! Thank you Daleys Turf team!

So congrats are also in order for Uncle Bill and Aunty Maz. We look forward to meeting you soon and getting your new lawn sorted.

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