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Why has my Sir Walter lawn gone to seed?

Sir Walter lawn or other type of soft leaf buffalo lawn going to seed is simply part of the lawn’s survival mechanism in response to change. You might see this occurring after a sudden or extreme change such as hot weather and large volumes of rain. Sir Walter seed will appear like a green or purple weed looking spike or flower.

If your lawn is only going to see during a sudden change then you have nothing to worry about and it should usually disappear in 2 -3 weeks on its own. Seed heads are sterile and so no need for concern but can signify a lack of nutrients, stress or need for additional watering to bring the lawn plants back to optimum condition. The only real concern with seed heads is during mowing as the heavy weight of the heads can weigh down the catcher quite a lot.

If your lawn is constantly in seed you could have a problem. Constant seeding could signify an issue with the lawn beneath, in the soil. Conduct a soil pH test to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the soil and take the appropriate remedial action such as fertilising and top dressing to address the requirements of the lawn plants. Seeding may also be in indication that the soil below the lawn plants is compacted and could benefit from aeration to allow for more movement of water, oxygen and nutrients.

Keeping up a regular lawn care maintenance regime particularly as the growing phrase/warmer months approach and offsetting any deficiencies and stress should avoid seeding occurring in your Sir Walter or other buffalo lawn in the future.

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