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Once you have measured, selected the right variety, prepared your soil and ordered your turf, the really exciting part begins – laying your new lawn.

Our two tips for before you plan on laying your turf:

  1. Don’t have your turf delivered too far in advance of when you plan to lay it. Turf is a living plant and so it is essential, that it not be allowed to dry out, particularly the roots. Find a turf supplier that can ensure that the turf is cut fresh at the turf farm and delivered to you within 24 hours.
    Aim to lay it as soon as possible after delivery, since turf left stacked for any extended period of time will suffer from heat damage.
  2. Don’t plan to lay your turf on a really hot day, so in South East Queensland this means not laying it in the middle of summer. Your new lawn and whoever is doing the laying will thank you for it.

Laying the new lawn.

Laying new turf is something you can tackle yourself (preferably with a mate or two), taking into account some of the basics of turf laying.

  1. Start from an existing straight edge, such as a driveway or solid fence.
  2. Lay the rolls of turf in a brick-work pattern, ensuring that the edges fit together, but that not all of the beginnings and endings of rolls line up.
  3. Place the ends of the rolls right up against each other, to avoid nasty gaps as well as preventing the possibility of the plants drying out.
  4. Use a sharp spade, strong knife or garden shears to trim the turf to fit around irregular shapes, in your yard such as garden beds, clothes lines and trees.
  5. Turf is best laid across any slope – this will make sure that watering or rain will not cause the water to flow in between the rolls and wash away the soil.
  6. Avoid using smaller pieces, as they are more likely to dry out quickly.
    Make sure that you don’t stretch the turf, as this will do damage to the plants.
  7. Take your time to ensure the job is done correctly and that the lawn has the best chance to flourish.

Watering the new lawn.

You will need to water the lawn as soon as it has been laid. If you are laying a large area or if it is a warm day, it may be a good idea to have someone begin watering (or set up a sprinkler system) whilst the rest of the lawn is still being laid.

Rolling the new lawn.

Once you have laid all the rolls it’s not quiet time to take a break – first you will need to roll out the new turf. You can achieve this by using a water-filled roller, which can be hired on a daily basis. Using the roller will ensure that the roots are in good contact with the soil below. If you don’t undertake this step the roots and the turf can dry out and you will end up needing to water your new lawn a lot more in the first 24-48 hours, than you would have needed to otherwise.

Turf Laying Services.

If you have a very large area to turf or if the DIY thing isn’t really you – call in the professionals. Turf experts such as Daleys Turf have the experience and equipment to get the job done right and usually much more quickly than you can do it yourself. Contact the Daleys Turf team for more information on how they can help you lay your new lawn with their turf laying services.

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