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Possible reasons for dry dead like areas:

  • Poor soil
  • Soil too hard – roots having trouble penetrating Builders rubble underneath / left over crusher dust piles
  • Not enough soil
  • Soil won’t hold any moisture – sandy, gravel, crusher dust, road base
  • Subsoil has dried up due to dry, hot and windy conditions, even with irrigation these conditions will evaporate the 10 or so mm that have been put on High traffic areas

The conditions of late have changed dramatically with good rainfall drenching the sub soils around the coast. This alone will see lawns repairing on there own.

Solution: To help your lawn recover quicker the following will help. You will be surprised as to how well ‘Sir Walter’ can recover. Remember your ‘Sir Walter’ will repair it self, depending on how bad it is as to how long it will take, to aid this repair process you can do the following:

  1. Lightly fertilize the damaged areas with Sir Walter Fertiliser ( N:16, P: 1.8, K: 10) 2Kg per 100m2
  2. Top dress the damage areas with good clean weed free soil, purchased form a landscape centre, don’t smother the leaves entirely, leave them showing a bit, you will use about 1 cubic metre of soil per 100 square metres of area.( we often use garden mix as this has plenty of nutrients available, down side is it leaves alot of debris on top which can be raked off later or just run your mower over it)
  3. Water the soil in to the grass, same day
  4. Rewater again in couple of days
  5. Two or three weeks later lightly fertilize again with Sir Walter Fertiliser if needed
  6. Once your lawn has covered over completely fertilize with ‘Daleys Maintenance’ or something similar, this is a good quality slow release fertilizer, which slowly feeds your lawn over next 3 months.

Just be on the look out for lawn grubs as they like a healthy lawn this time of year, for more info see Lawn Grubs.

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