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In an ideal world you would just lay your lawn in South East Queensland, sit back and enjoy it. Unfortunately the reality is that all lawns, even those designed with our climate in mind, will require lawn care from time to time. The best advice we can give is to select products that have been created specifically for your type of lawn.

Luckily if you have chosen a Sir Walter lawn you are covered. Sir Walter have available all the products you need to keep your lawn looking fantastic and you don’t need to hunt high and low for them either. Daleys Turf provides easy access through their website for ordering and delivery of everything you need. Easy!

Manual Fertiliser Spreader for your lawn

Weed Control

While Sir Walter lawns are naturally great at stopping the invasive of weeds, sometimes they will still establish themselves in your lawn. If this happens and the weeds are a bit beyond just pulling them out there are products available to help. Make sure you choose the appropriate product and one specifically for use on Sir Walter lawns – some will kill not only your weeds but the lawn plants as well and that’s the last thing you want to happen. Sir Walter Weed Control will target only weeds and controlling Bindii, oxalis, clover and other common weeds. It will also work on other lawn varieties such as Couch.

Pest Control

Particularly after a large amount of rain your lawn may suffer an infestation of pests such as lawn grubs. While potentially devastating to your lawn, pests can be eliminated quick easily. Again it is always advisable to use a product designed to suit your particular lawn and for Sir Walter lawns we recommend Sir Walter Pest Control, a broad spectrum insecticide – this product will control lawn grubs, beetles, ants, earwigs, millipedes, mole crickets and slaters problems.


To keep your lawn in great health it’s essential that you fertilise your lawn on a regular basis. Working well for Couch, Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Tall Fescue, Bluegrass, Ryegrass as well as Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, the Sir Walter Fertiliser provides all the nutrients that your lawn needs to recover, grow and thrive. A 4kg bucket is enough to fertilise 200 square meters but if you’re lucky enough to have a larger lawn, the Sir Walter Fertiliser is also available in a 10kg bucket.

And if you are just about to lay Sir Walter turf – we’ve got that covered too. Sir Launcher is a product designed to be added to the soil prior to laying the turf in order to give your lawn the very best chance to establish.

With all lawn care products it’s important that you read the product usage instructions and wear gloves while handling.

The Lawn Care Products Online Shop can also provide you with tools and equipment, soil treatments, products to protect you lawn from the effects of man’s best friend and even merchandising if you’re after a gift for the lawn lover in your life.

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