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Taking care of your lawn can seem a little overwhelming at first; there’s so much information out there, but the team at Daleys Turf have put together their best practice tips to keep you on the right track to a healthy, green and thriving lawn.

  • Perform a soil test every three years
  • Install a grass variety with a longer blade to help protect the soil
  • Late summer through to early autumn is the best time to perform any lawn renovation tasks
  • Set your lawnmower height to around 7-8cms
  • Never remove more than one third of the grass blade at each mowing
  • Mow more frequently when the grass is in its growing phase and less often when dormant
  • During the summer months, leave the grass longer to protect the soil below
  • Don’t catch or bag your lawn clippings – left on the lawn after mowing they will naturally decompose. This practice can contribute around 25% of the nitrogen that your lawn needs for an entire year
  • Apply a lawn fertiliser specify to the variety of grass you have
  • Apply this lawn fertiliser at least once a year, in the autumn*
  • Consider a shade tolerant turf or a ground-cover in constantly shady areas
  • Hand pull or spot treat any broadleaf weeds with a liquid broadleaf weed herbicide – check which product is best suited to your lawn variety first. A thick lawn is the best defence against a weed infestation.
  • Only ever water when necessary but water deeply. Less frequent but deeper watering will encourage a deeper, stronger, more drought tolerant root system

*A University of Maryland study suggests that lawns older than 8-10 years do not require fertilising on a regular basis as they require less nitrogen. Check with your local lawn care supplier if in doubt.

For more best practice lawn care advice or to order your new instant lawn contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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