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It’s important to feed your lawn to maintain the optimal nutrient levels and to ensure that your lawn is in peak condition, particularly as the growing phase and warmer months approach.

You need to choose the correct lawn food for the variety of lawn plants you have. Products are specifically designed with the needs of a certain grass variety in mind and the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed at all times.

If you are unsure of the variety of your lawn or if you believe you may have a combination of varieties in the one area then ‘Sir Walter’ Fertiliser may be the best choice. ‘Sir Walter’ Fertiliser is a premium lawn food, specially formulated for ‘Sir Walter’ Lawns but is able to be used on any other type of lawn too. This fertiliser contains just the right balance of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and all the trace elements that a thriving and healthy lawn requires. Available in a 4kg or 10kg tub, ‘Sir Walter’ Fertiliser is also very economical, requiring only 25 grams per square metre of lawn.

It is recommended that you feed your lawn at the end of the dormant season in preparation for the growing phase ahead and again before the dormant season begins to prepare the lawn plants for ‘hibernation’. A healthy, well fed lawn will help the plants to ward off pest, weed and other lawn variety invasions.

Lawn food may be categorised into many different groups, but fall into two basic categories – organic and inorganic.

Inorganic fertilisers (or chemical/synthetic) are fast acting and can be granular, pellet, liquid or powder and can be applied over a large area. It is usually advisable to water the lawn before and after an application in order to avoid any burning of the lawn.

On the other hand, organic lawn food is made up of naturally occurring elements. You will require a larger amount than with inorganic fertilisers, but they won’t burn or harm the lawn. Organic fertilisers have a longer positive effect on the soil and a much less negative impact on any nearby groundwater or the growth of surrounding plants. Organic products do contain a lower nutrient concentration so you will need to keep an eye on the soil pH levels.

Fertiliser is best either watered in after an application or applied in the rain. The water will enable the nutrients to penetrate into the soil where the nutrients and trace elements are needed most.

By providing the right food for your lawn, you will improve the growth and the colour of the lawn plants.

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