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Gone are the days when sourcing turf took hours and hours on the phone. Gone are the days of waiting and waiting for salespeople to turn up to provide turf quotes. Gone are the days when you needed all weekend and a packed lunch to get your turf. Today, you can get your new lawn without hassle and heaps of wasted time (and money). Today, you can buy turf online.

How to do it

By following these simple steps you will be able to source, order, arrange delivery, prepare for and buy turf online.

Measure/Setting out

The very first step to take, before you buy turf online, is to set out where your new lawn will be. Using string lines, marking paint and squares, set out exactly where your lawn will be and therefore where the turf will be installed. From here you can calculate your measurements. Measure twice, get someone else to check your calculations, and order once. Remember to always use a consistent set of units – most turf suppliers use metres and millimetres so that’s often the best course of action. There is a more comprehensive article about measuring for new turf below.

The standard rule is to order 5% extra for simple, regular areas and 10% for more complex, irregular areas. If you are looking to collect the turf yourself you will need to consider transportation and therefore the weight involved. While the weight of rolls and slabs will varying between individual growers and varieties of turf, the general weights are listed below. These are dry weights – they might well be heavier with any moisture from a rain event.


400mm x 2.5m – 1m² roll 10-15kg
450mm x 2.2m – 1m² roll 10-15kg
600mm x 1.7m – 1m² roll 10-15kg

400mm x 1250mm – 0.5m²   7-10kg
600mm x 1200mm – 0.72m²   9-14kg

Get expert advice now from Daleys Turf: Support for the life of your lawn. Call 1800 325 397 OR request a call-back to order your new turf.

Select the Right Turf

In selecting the right turf, before you buy turf online there are a few aspects you will need to consider:

Environmental – consider the sun, shade, salt spray, frost, water and drought conditions of your property

Use – how much wear and tear can your new lawn be expected to weather? Who and what will the lawn be used for? – sport, storage, pets, children.

Type – what type of look and feel are you going for? Are you looking for a short, bowling green look or the longer, more lush look? This is also the time to consider any allergies your family might have – yes, low allergy lawn types are readily available on today’s turf market.

Maintenance – how much time and money are you prepared to put into maintenance? Some lawn types might cost more upfront but the maintenance costs are lower and vice versa.

Budget – there are turf varieties available to suit all budgets. The initial outlay is just one budgetary consideration – you should also account for costs such as delivery, installation, products such as fertiliser, lawn launcher and soil additives. And then there’s the ongoing costs of maintenance.

Available space – consider how much space you have on your property to dedicate to a lawn. If only a small area is available and that space is in constant use, then an alternative ground cover might be more suitable.

Local knowledge – if you are new to the area it’s best to speak to a turf grower/supplier with local knowledge to ensure you are selecting a type of turf that is suitable to your local area. When you deal with an accredited member of Lawn Solutions Australia you can be assured that your local turf grower is fully licensed and grows turf which is designed and grown for your local climate and environment.


Before commencing any excavation works identify any potential hazards – tripping points, overhanging branches, slippery surfaces, uneven ground, overhead powerlines and underground services such as water pipes, stormwater drains, gas pipes, sewerage pipes and electricity/telephone/data cables. Contact ‘Dial’ Before You Dig first at for records. These records can be limited so have a look around first, have a chat to any long term neighbours and have the contact details of relevant trades (electrician, electricity company, gas provider, telephony company and plumber) on hand.

If you are looking to excavate and level a large area for your new lawn it might be worthwhile to call in the experts. By the time you hire the correct machinery and undertake the work yourself it may be a more cost-effective option to outsource.

Remove any existing turf or vegetation, using a herbicide if necessary to ensure all the roots are removed. At this point you should also level the area and consider issues such as drainage. If you are unsure, call in a drainage specialist for expert advice. Conduct a pH soil test before moving onto the next step.

Preparation/Soil correction

With the results of the pH soil test in hand you are now ready to add any required soil additives to ensure you have a healthy soil base on which to lay your new turf. Soil additives and conditioners range from wetting agents, water storage crystals, fertilisers, launchers, lime and gypsum – your local lawn care specialist can offer further advice based on your pH soil test.

If the soil is in poor condition, bringing in new soil and levelling that out might be the best option. Further information on preparing for a new lawn can be found in our related article below.

Buy Turf Online – Order

Once you have completed all the above steps, you are ready to buy turf online. Organise for your turf to be delivered as close to the installation time as possible to avoid the roots drying out and to ensure the best possible chance of a drama-free establishment.

Daleys Turf

NO ONLINE PAYMENT REQUIRED. Order Now fill in our easy ‘Buy Turf’ online order form. We will contact you by phone to confirm all details, delivery time and delivery date. Order early and we can deliver the same day or at a time more suitable for you.

Delivery fee: $110.00 (Sunshine Coast only). This includes Hinterland areas, Caboolture to Cooroy, Maleny to the Coast.

Delivery charges for most other areas is $180.00 with a minimum 50 m2 of Sir Walter. Please click here now to open our delivery area map. Refer to the Green Shaded areas for more specific details or simply call us on 1800 325 397.

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