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Getting Ready for WinterWinter is coming! This means slower garden growth and colder temperatures. So what can you do to prepare your garden for Winter?

Limit Watering
During winter, you should limit when you water your grass. Make sure to switch off automatic watering systems and only water when you need to. You can tell that your lawn is dry when the leaves curl. When watering, make sure to only water in the mornings so the excess water can evaporate. This will prevent fungus and diseases from growing at night due to the excess moisture in the air.  

Give a little TLC to your mower
In the winter, your mower will get to take a much needed break due to the slow growth of the grass. Make sure to give your mower some maintenance and sharpen the blades in time for spring.

Keep your grass long
During the winter, it is important to keep your grass relatively long so that there is extra leaf area for photosynthesis. Adjust your mower to increase its height so the grass can better absorb its nutrients. Mowing your lawn every few weeks during the cooler months will help it to maintain its longer leaf area.

Avoid too much traffic
During the winter, the lawn will be quite moist, especially if you experience wet weather. This means it is important to avoid excess traffic on your lawn, and aerate your lawn whenever possible. This will allow your lawn to breathe and for the soil to not be too compacted. 

Combat Weeds
Weeds often appear in winter due to the weakened state of the lawn. You might see discoloured patches of grass or dead or dying patches. Make sure to use a weed killer that removes the weeds, without damaging your lawn. Our personal favourite is our All Purpose Weed Control.  

Taking care of your lawn in winter will mean that you can watch it flourish in Spring!

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