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How to repair your patchy lawn

You will need:

  • Spade or garden fork
  • Top dressing mix
  • Slow release fertiliser

Step 1 – With the spade or fork, remove any dead grass and other unwanted material and break up the soil in the bare area.

Step 2 – Add the top dressing mix and blend through the existing soil. Bring the area to a level that’s slightly higher than the surrounding soil, removing excess from high spots if required. This extra height allows for natural settling of soil.

Step 3 –  Following instructions on pack, spread fertiliser evenly over the area. Water gently but thoroughly. Keep people and pets off the area until the grass is repaired.

How to repair your thin lawn

You will need:

  • Lawn mower
  • Steel spring-tined lawn rake
  • Slow release fertiliser

Step 1 –  Mow your lawn to the usual the height, then vigorously rake over the entire lawn area to remove any dead or unwanted grass, leaves and other debris. This will also serve to scratch up the soil a little, making it more receptive for the next step.

Step 2 – Spread fertiliser evenly over the thinning areas, noting any instructions on the label about the application. You can try using a handheld spreader to make the job easier.

Step 3 –  Water in well. Keep pets and people off the area and it has repaired.

Regular mowing, feeding and spot repairs are the keys to success. For further tips and tricks just stay up to date with Daleys Turf blogs and Facebook page.

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  1. WE put Sir Walter down on 20/12/16 and it was great but in the last few weeks some areas of it have gone yellow.
    We tested the PH and it was 6.5, what can we do to green it up? Certificate number is A4 657198. Thank you

    1. Sounds like to me it looking for a good feed, use ‘Sir Walter’ fertiliser at 2.5 kg per 100 sq metres, then water in with 12mm, it may need a follow up watering while things are soooo dry.

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