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Following on from last week’s blog on pH soil testing, March – April is the time to fertilise your lawn in readiness for Winter. And what better time than over the Easter break?

As a general rule – use a fertiliser that is higher in nitrogen in Spring while leaf growth is at its peak and use a fertilised that is higher in potassium in Autumn to toughen up the plants for the colder months ahead. The other option is to do an annual application of slow release fertiliser although this once a year treatment may not be a specific enough application to get you through the different seasons and your lawns changing needs.

The main reason to change the type of fertiliser from Spring to Autumn is that the constant use of a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen will increase the acidity of the soil over time and eventually affect the health of the lawn – even the earthworms will leave, seeking ‘greener pastures’.

Prior to fertilising – get prepared:

  1. Identify the type of lawn you have – Couch, buffalo, kikuyu
  2. Check the pH level of the soil to determine what your lawn really needs. See last week’s blog for help
  3. Aerate the lawn – this can be easily achieved with aerating sandals or a large garden fork
  4. Remove any weeds –If you are treating any weeds while fertilising by using a product containing a herbicide beware that some of these products can actually kill buffalo lawns
  5. Purchase the appropriate fertiliser – go to the retailer (or online at armed with your lawn type and pH level
  6. Spread the fertiliser evenly over the lawn – Avoid applying too much in any one area as this can cause the plants to burn. Make sure you wear gloves or better yet, use a spreader. A manual, hand spreader can be sourced easily

Ideally you should fertilise after a good rainfall but, as always, follow the instructions for the particular fertiliser product you are using. Some fertilisers require you to water before the application and some require you to water afterwards.

If you lawn has only been laid in the last 5 weeks, hold off fertilising until the turf is better established.

There are fertilisers available for specific lawns such as for Sir Walter buffalo. These products are designed specifically for the needs of those plants. The team at Daley’s Turf are ready to answer any questions you have regarding the ongoing care of your lawn.

From all the team at Daley’s Turf – have a safe and happy Easter break. The weather should be great, so it’s a perfect time to get out and enjoy your lawn.

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