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Many lawn varieties need more than sunlight and natural rainfall. Your regular lawn care regime should also include a seasonal (or at least twice yearly) application of fertiliser.

If you go the twice a year option, aim to apply fertiliser at the beginning of spring and again at the end of autumn. This plan will ensure that your lawn has a boost heading into the growing phase and a boost before it heads into the dormant phase. Fertilisers are not just for vegetable patches and flower beds, they can ensure your lawn is at the peak of health and appearance. Lawn fertilisers available today are easy to apply, safe to handle and clean. If you’re not comfortable with the handling or application process, your local lawn and garden care professional can deal with it for you.  They are available in a wide variety of product types; liquid, pellets and grandulated so the choice is up to you.

Many lawn feeding formulas on the market also contain a wetting agent to ensure better water penetration into the soil where it is needed most. This can be an added time, money and effort saver by reducing the need to water your lawn. For long lasting results, apply a slow release fertiliser such as palletised chicken manure. For quick results, apply a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen since the more nitrogen in a fertiliser, the quicker the result but the shorter it will last. Overall, applying a balanced fertiliser with iron traces is the best option. Discuss your needs with your local lawn care products supplier.

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