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End of Winter is the time to help bring your lawn out of its non-growing phase and strengthen it for the warmer months ahead.

Get rid of any weeds

When the growing phase for the lawn starts up again, so too will the growing phase for the weeds so now is the time to rid your lawn of any weeds, particularly Bindi and any broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelions. A selective herbicide should do the trick – just must sure you get the right herbicide to suit the variety of lawn you have.


Late August is the perfect time to fertilise your lawn and prepare it for the months ahead. Applying a slow release fertiliser now will ensure that your lawn has food for the next three months.

Two for One

There are products now available that allow you to combat weeds and feed your lawn with one application. Ensure that the products are appropriate for the lawn type you have before application. If you are unsure about the variety of turf you have simply take a sample with you to your local lawn care store or contact the team at Daleys Turf for more information.


By the end of Winter quite often lawns are compacted and could benefit from soil aeration to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil and get to the roots of your lawn. You can easily aerate your lawns by spiking the lawn with a garden fork, aeration sandals or by hiring a mechanical aerator.

Spending a little time to care for your lawn now will help if to deal with the often harsh conditions that a South East Queensland summer can bring.

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