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A garden that is well-planned and implemented is easier to care for – it will save you time and is more productive than an unplanned garden.

  • The best place to start is to determine the long-term plans for the space;
    Are you planning to sell in the coming years – what type of garden will be best for the resale value of your property? Are you planning on getting a dog? Are you planning on buying a boat or caravan that will need to be garaged there? Are you planning on putting up a gazebo or a shed? Are you planning on building a swimming pool?
  • Then determine your short-term plans for the space;
    Do your children need somewhere to play? Do you want to plant an herb garden or grow vegetables? Do you already have a dog? Do you entertain outdoors (or want to)?
  • Now think about your lifestyle;
    How much time or inclination do you have to clean a pool, weed garden beds, to maintain the lawn. By planning out the garden you will have a much clearer idea of how much maintenance will be required, or how much it will cost to get someone to maintain it for you.

Construct any hardscape items, or at least mark out the space for them. Hardscape items are things such as sheds, garden beds, chicken coops, paved entertainment areas, paths, concrete pads, driveways and fencing. If a lush green lawn – for your children, your dog, or just aesthetics – is in the plans, on a piece of paper sketch out the area of lawn, select a variety of lawn suitable to your environment and usage, calculate the measurements, prepare the space, order the turf, lay the lawn and care for it while it establishes.

Don’t have the new lawn delivered until you are ready to lay the turf that same day. While the lawn is establishing, you can move ahead with your plans and plant out herb, vegetable, flower gardens. Within no time are all you’ll be ready to enjoy your perfect garden.

When you’re ready to order the turf for your new lawn just contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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