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Lawns are never hard as such, it’s the soil below that can become hard over a period of time and make the lawn itself feel hard and uninviting. Hard lawns can be caused by heavy vehicle traffic, regular foot traffic, drought and even just a lack of care and correct maintenance over the years.

Most lawns that are exposed to some form of traffic will eventually suffer from soil compaction to a certain extent, and this will affect the lawn’s health.

Why it’s a problem?

Like us, our lawns need oxygen for their very survival and the problem with a compacted lawn is that it contains a lot less oxygen than what is needed. Compacted soil will also have issues in absorbing, retaining and moving water to where it is required. Water and oxygen is key to optimal lawn health so when they are in short supply the lawn will struggle to survive. The condition will only continue to worsen if left unchecked.

How to fix the problem

Often the fix of a hard lawn is to aerate the soil. The coring of the lawn is the go-to repair solution for compacted soil and therefore a hard lawn. Aeration/lawn coring is simply a process that involves removing plugs or cores of turf and soil from the entire yard. This process will break up the hardness of the soil, allowing oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate the soil and reached the lawn’s root system.

If your lawn has a severe soil compaction issue then a severe solution may be required. Please note that this is not common. A severe case of soil compaction/hard lawn requires the use of a powered rotary hoe to essentially plough through the entire top of the soil to a depth of 10-20cms. This process will destroy the lawn but, unfortunately, it is the only solution in some instances. After using the rotary hoe, the waste material will need to be removed and the area evened out. Gypsum or sand may be added at this stage to help prevent this issue in the future. Undertake a soil pH test and get some expert advice on which product to add to your particular soil to improve the soil profile for the future.

After the soil profile has been improved, new turf can be laid on top of the renovated soil and the issue of a hard lawn resolved.

For more information on how to correct a hard lawn or to order new turf if you have a severe case of soil compaction and nothing else has solved the problem, contact Daleys Turf. We offer online ordering and delivery options throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We can even arrange installation if required.

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