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There are many people out there that will try and convince you that installing turf (an instant lawn) is prohibitively expensive. But, those people would be wrong. As a living organism a natural lawn will require more of a time investment than some other options but there’s really nothing quite like a real backyard to play on, to relax on, to entertain on.

So, comparing the cost of turf – based on costs per 10 square metres and according to the Landscape Association of NSW for domestic-type works. These costs include site preparation, underlay, soil, surface preparation, supply, installation, and optional finishing.


Artificial Turf
Garden Bed

Average Price


Or another way of looking at the cost of turf in comparison to other mediums on a per square metre basis:

Outdoor Surface

Natural Turf
Artificial Turf

Price Per Square Metre (m2)

$25.30 – $31.75
$56.75 – $279.25
$80.00 – $150.00
$143.50 – $216.50

Noting here that the most inexpensive turf is not always the best option – it’s better to determine the best turf variety for your location, the soil and the sun/shade at your place.

That’s why you should always rely on expert advice from an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia turf grower – just like Daleys Turf. We understand the climate you live in and can recommend the best turf to match its intended use.

As every outdoor landscape is unique, paving costs can vary substantially for each individual project. Not only are costs affected by the materials you select, but also the site conditions and the complexity of installation. To give you a rough guide, the pavers themselves cost anywhere from $12 to $100 per square metre, depending on whether you want basic square concrete pavers or more intricate options.

Then there’s the cost of getting the pavers laid. Labour costs for a simple job, for example a job on a level, easily accessible surface, start at $20 per square metre, but labour costs on jobs that require intricate paving arrangements and/or have a range of other complicating factors could go up to $50 – $100 per square metre on the most complex jobs.

So, while the time, effort and initial outlay of installing a new lawn might seem expensive, it’s really not when compared to other products. It’s true that lawns will require ongoing care but so too do the other options in one way or another. Often it comes down to more than ongoing maintenance and initial cost; what would you prefer to relax on, play on, entertain on in your backyard?

For more accurate pricing or commercial application pricing, just contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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