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We’ve just had a great question from Michael in Mackay regarding, what to do after army worms? He has treated with the appropriate insecticide but one month on there is still two prominent, dead patches in the lawn. Not good!

Since so many lawns have been infested with lawn grubs this season we thought it might be a good idea to give some tips to everyone (we know this issue is affecting more than just Michael and more than just the Mackay area).

After treating lawn grubs (Sir Walter Pest Control or Lawn Lovers Grub Guard are great) and ridding your lawn of the infestation you need to give your lawn a boost. Apply a fertiliser (we recommend Sir Walter Premium Lawn Fertiliser), to promote new leaf growth. This is particularly important prior to the winter months when the lawn plants will go into their dormant phase.

Make sure you give a deep watering (applying around 1 inch or 2.5cms of water) once a week and limit mowing. The attack of the army worms has caused your lawn plants to go into shock, so a bit of TLC now will allow it to recover and repair.

Unfortunately, lawn grubs are notorious for coming back, moving from neighbour to neighbour and they especially love healthy lawns. It might be a good idea to have a chat to the neighbours and find out if the lawn grubs are in their lawn too; helping each other out with information about infestations, treatment and recovery tips will benefit everyone.

We also recommend the use of Lawn Lovers Grub Guard. It is one of the only products currently on the market which can be used as a preventative treatment.

Hope this information is helpful Michael and that you soon have your Sir Walter lawn back in tip top shape. If anyone else needs some lawn care tips please contact the team at Daleys Turf, we’re always happy to help!

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  1. Hi guys, we to are from mackay (kuttable) and our turf has been ravaged by army worm.. we have used insecticides and there slowly fading.. when should i start to fertilize and water after treatment?

  2. About one month ago our lawn went all brown I don’t know what caused it.i can see the runners still alive.what shall I treated with?

  3. My acre of lawn has been eaten to mud some dead grass is visible but it really is nonexistent when should l spray the army grubs or not waste the time and poison

    1. Hi Rick, I personally wouldn’t spray a large area for lawn grubs, nature will sort this out for you, lawn grubs will come and go, and the grass will return with us doing anything

  4. My lawn is brown underneath, after army worm infestation, I have removed many of the brown dead roots, will the lawn come back. I have done everything suggested but I don’t know if removing the dead roots is a good thing.

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