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Spring lawn care will ensure that you have a lawn that’s thriving, green, healthy and ready for the warmer weather to come.

Here are Daleys Turf’s 5 lawn care tips for spring.


The purpose of aeration or loosening of the soil is to break up any bits of hard and compacted soil. Compacted soil makes it difficult for the grass roots to get through to create a strong root system. It also inhibits the movement through the soil of water, nutrients and oxygen. And, on the other side, weeds often grow quite well in this sort of environment – this can provide them the opportunity to invade and take over the entire lawn. To aerate you can use a strong garden fork or aeration sandals – to poke holes in the soil and loosen it up. Alternatively, if you have a larger lawn, or the soil is particularly compacted, it may be better to hire a aerator which will create and pull out cores of soil to create aeration.


Spring weather in South East Queensland is typically mild so watering is best based on ‘water less frequently, but more deeply’ as this will encourage a deep, sturdy root system, and in line with natural rainfall. Your lawn will tell you when it needs a drink – by curling and/or yellowing. Overall the aim should be for 2.5cms of water over the entire lawn on a weekly basis. Too much watering will lead to all sorts of potential problems such as making your lawn susceptible to pests and disease while reducing its tolerance to drought conditions should they occur in summer.


Lawns need nutrients to survive and thrive. An application of fertiliser will provide a dose of nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and can help to maintain the correct pH balance of your soil. A spring dose of fertiliser will help your lawn as it emerges from dormancy and begins its new growing phase.


Spring is a great time to get on top of weeds. While they are emerging is the time to hit them with the correct herbicide for your lawn variety. Treat your lawn as soon as they appear to offset a full-on invasion.


Your lawn will maintain its green colour and health with regular lawn mowing but never remove more than one third of the blade at any one time. If you lawn is overgrown coming out of winter, a few mows is a better option to avoid the potential of scalping the lawn. Mowing your lawn regularly during spring strengthens it, makes it denser which will aid in fighting of disease, pests and weeds.

Wanting to have a great lawn for summer, then spring is the time to get stuck back into your lawn care.

If you want a new, natural lawn installed and established in time for summer, contact Daleys Turf today.

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