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Just built a new house? Is your old lawn looking tired and in need of replacing? Winter is a great time to lay a new lawn in South East Queensland. With our climate a new lawn can be laid all year round however there are benefits to laying in winter over the warmer months. It may take a little longer to establish but considering that the yard is used less often during the colder months now might just be the ideal time.

Benefits of laying a new lawn during winter:

  1. Laying lawn during the cooler temperatures is less taxing on the lawn itself;
  2. The watering demands during establishment are less;
  3. If you lay turf now it will be well established in time for spring when you want to spend more time out on it.

If you put down a new lawn during summer the lawn will take around 10-14 days to establish, during winter it will take around 4 weeks.

Laying turf is something you can undertake yourself but it’s always advisable to get expert advice on how to do it right. If you are time poor or not the hands on type, turf companies are able to take care of everything for you from removing the old lawn, preparation of the site and soil, laying the new turf, rolling and even clean up when they are done. The professionals will also be able to provide expert advice on how to care for your lawn while it becomes established in the areas of watering, when to mow for the first time and what fertiliser to use to ensure your new lawn is well looked after.

Installing a new lawn now will mean that by the time the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to climb you will have a well-established lawn that is the envy of your friends and neighbours. For more information on how to get a new lawn for your place contact the lawn experts at Daleys Turf. The Daleys Turf team can help with all aspects of laying turf – it’s what they’ve been doing since 1992. At Daleys we believe that your lawn is an investment that should be a source of enjoyment for years to come. Don’t you agree?

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