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We’ve all been there – we store away our whipper snipper at the end of the growing season and when it comes time to use it again in the spring, it just won’t start. Whipper snippers when they fail to start can be one of the most frustrating garden tools in the shed.

More often than not the issue comes down to the carburettor, but it is a good idea to have a look at some other reasons why it won’t turn over before you think about cleaning that carburettor.

A dirty spark plug

If you don’t even get a small splutter, then the problem may be with your spark plug. Dirty spark plugs are a common problem and will hinder the ‘spark’ that helps fire up an engine and you will struggle to start the whipper snipper – you can clean the dirt off with a tooth brush, or small wire brush.

The magneto isn’t producing a spark

Whipper snipper engines have a device called a magneto for creating a spark at the plug to ignite the fuel / air mixture in the cylinder. If you fail to get a spark at the plug and have a replacement plug and checked for loose wiring without success, this module may be the problem and needs to be replaced.

A blocked or dirty fuel filter

If your engine is trying to run, or starts and quickly stops, you might want to do a quick air filter check. You need air for your initial spark – and if oxygen cannot move readily through the system you will have problems both starting and keeping your whipper snipper running. Wash the air filter in soap and hot water, then allow to air-dry. As a precaution close the choke beforehand to prevent any dirt from getting into the carburettor especially if you’re just removing the air filter to clean it without doing any further maintenance or troubleshooting.

Leaking primer bulb

If the material of the primer bulb has deteriorated, it is likely that it won’t seal properly against the body of the carburettor. This will result in an air leak which will prevent the bulb sucking up fuel and causing starting issues.

When all else fails!

Small engines can be complex machines and it is recommended that if your whipper snipper doesn’t start after performing the above checks that you will need to take it to a local repairer to have it serviced.

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