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So glad you asked! And, we have the answer for you.

There are currently around 5 Sir Walter turf suppliers located within the suburbs of Brisbane. However, there are additional growers, like Daleys Turf, who are based in the surrounding areas and have arrangements in place to service the entire Brisbane region.

You will find that Sir Walter turf prices Brisbane are typically higher than some others brands but opting for these cheaper brands comes at a different cost.

The cheaper but inferior soft leaf buffalo varieties are no match for the benefits and quality of Sir Walter turf. As Australia’s number one buffalo lawn, Sir Walter is the only turf type to be regularly auditing to ensure the standard and quality is of a premium. Sir Walter undertake the audits of turf growers supplying their turf themselves.

If you are looking for a quality soft leaf buffalo turf in Brisbane then you should look into Sir Walter turf prices in Brisbane and compare.

For a slightly higher initial cost in the long term you will have:

  • A drought tolerant, resilient and self-repairing lawn
  • A lawn which requires little maintenance; fertilising, watering and mowing
  • A disease, fungus and weed resistant lawn
  • A lawn appropriate regardless of location; it likes full sun and shade and is salt tolerant
  • Australia’s number one buffalo lawn which is Australian developed and grown
  • A lawn which is environmentally friendly, low allergy and soft to the touch

And, in addition to where to get Sir Walter, there are a lot more issues to consider.

Investigate a little further to find the true grass turf prices available.


To ensure your new turf establishes easily and thrives over the long term, timing is everything. The time between when the turf is cut and rolled/packed and when it’s laid is extremely important. The longer that time frame is, the more chance the turf has to dry out. The shortest possible time between cutting at the turf farm and the installation process is advisable.

Note: When buying lawn turf look for yellowing leaves and dried root systems on the underside of the turf; these denote that the turf is dried out and less likely to easily establish.

Look a little further but not too far

Determine your choices regarding where your lawn turf comes from can ensure you get a great deal on the price of your new lawn. Using a local turf supplier will reduce the distance your lawn needs to travel to its new home and therefore reduce its overall cost and the likelihood of the turf drying out.

Note: Brisbane turf can be sourced direct from the Daleys Turf farm on the Sunshine Coast and delivered in a timely manner.

Size does Matters

When choosing lawn turf it pays to do your homework; measure the area to be turfed and allow a little extra to take into account difficult areas in your yard. It is also advisable to take note of the amount of turf that you are receiving for your money. A specialist turf supplier will usually quote per square metre but some cheaper options quote per square three-quarters of a metre.

Note: Read the fine print to ensure you’re getting exactly what you think you are.

What about Delivery Charges?

Delivery fees can add to the cost of your lawn; so ask when ordering if delivery is included or is an extra cost so you don’t get a nasty surprise upon delivery. Also consider options such as being able to pick up your turf order directly from the turf farm.

Some Helpful Links:

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While you may come across a deal that seems like a bargain for Sir Walter in Brisbane, with turf you mostly get what you pay for. If it seems too good to be true it probably is; check for the hidden cost of turf. Buying your lawn turf from an accredited turf supplier will enable you to save on the cost of your new lawn with bonuses such as guaranteed quality, after purchase support and turf farm gate pick up or even free delivery.

And best of all; Sir Walter lawns come with a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure you have received a genuine, quality Sir Walter product. If you’re looking to buy turf in Brisbane, give Daleys Turf a call.

If you are based in Brisbane you can easily order Sir Walter turf online or over the phone with our highly experienced team – they are ready and available to help with any questions you may have about where you can get Sir Walter turf in Brisbane. Hope that answered your question.

For more information about Sir Walter turf prices Brisbane just view our Sir Walter turf prices online and delivery areas or contact the team at Daleys Turf today. We offer quality turf, prompt delivery, installation services and expert advice.

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