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Don’t laugh…lawn is life. Having a lush lawn at your place can actually benefit your overall well-being and therefore your life. So, yes, lawn is life.

Stress Less

Being close to nature relaxes us…could be the lack of stress that is provides but our brains are wired to be more at peace in a natural setting over a man-made one. And, your lawn offers this effect…your own bit of nature conveniently located in your own backyard. Taking some time out on your lawn is good for your mental health and your blood pressure.

Fit Family

There’s nothing fun about playing on a concrete yard or block of pavers. Lawn though offers a softer, more forgiving surface, cushioning falls. And it’s a ready-made space to get outside, away from screens, to enjoy some sun and exercise together, as a family.

Working Out

A lawn will require some maintenance and that’s actually good for you too. Mowing your lawn is a workout – a calorie burner and cardio session. Even raking up leaves is time out in the fresh air and some extra work out time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A great looking lawn offers a sense of satisfaction and pride. Healthy self-esteem is a powerful thing and seeing your immaculate lawn, due to your efforts, is an ego boost to boot.

Keep your Cool

A lawn helps to keep outdoor living areas cool – this, in turn, can help to keep the electricity bill down – which is life!

Allergy Fighter

Some people are allergic to the pollen produced by common lawn weeds but a thick, healthy grass leaves little room for weeds. With the right lawn care maintenance – watering, fertilising, mowing – and weeds, with their allergy causing pollen become a non issue.  

Quality Air

When your yard is covered by lush grass rather than patchy weeds and bald spots, the air quality improves – lawns trap pollen, dust and other airborne particles making it easier to breathe.

Living the Quiet Life

Lawns act as soundproofing for your home helping to absorb the noise from traffic and your neighbours. Lawns provide a more serene home life.

The Anti-Broken Window

The ‘broken window hypothesis’ is the concept that broken down houses or broken windows on a home show that no one really cares about the property, which can, in turn, invite vandals. Well-kept properties with trees, gardens and lawns show that someone is paying close attention – this can lead to less crime.

Street Appeal

If you’re trying to sell your house, one of the first things on the list is usually to improve the look of your lawn and landscaping. Excellent choice since it can add a significant amount of value to the ultimate sale price.

For enjoyment now, and for future resale, lawn is life.

To get a new, instant lawn installed at your place (which you could be enjoying the benefits of within mere weeks) contact the team at Daleys Turf today.

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