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Perhaps you’ve let your lawn care regime slide, perhaps you inherited a nightmare lawn, perhaps Mother Nature has given your lawn a fatal blow, whatever the reasons, sometimes you just have to accept that there’s no way it can be salvaged.

When you’ve mowed and watered correctly, when you’ve listened to your lawn and provided what it needed, when it needed it.

When you’ve regularly fertilised, eradicated pests and weeds, when you’ve trimmed back trees and shrubs to let the sun in.

When you’ve aerated the soil when it got compacted and eliminated bare patches but still the lawn struggles to self-repair and thrive, then it might be time to give up and take the next logical step. When you’re very best efforts at reviving your lawn fail then you might need to replace either the odd patch or even the entire lawn with new slabs of turf.

Ready to lay turf such as the extremely popular Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn might be the only option if neglect, bad weather, pests or disease have damaged the lawn to such a level that it is just unfixable. If weeds have overrun your lawn, the soil is compacted beyond repair, or the drainage is just not right, then installing a new turf will provide you the opportunity to make a whole new start. Installing a brand new lawn will allow you to put a proper lawn care regime into place that will ensure a healthy, strong, great looking lawn from the very start.

To discuss the new lawn options at your place just contact the team at Daleys Turf. Our team can suggest the best lawn variety for your location, provide instructions on correct drainage, soil conditioning and lawn installation, as well as ongoing tips and advice on how to care for your lawn the right way.

And just remember that when you get your new lawn from Daleys Turf we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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