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A recent study by realestate VIEW has determined what Australian home buyers are really looking for and the differences are vast from state to state.

Victorians want a big or good quality kitchen, adequate garage space and a large block. New South Wales buyers want a second toilet and/or bathroom. Western Australians want easy access to public transport or home to be close to work. And Queensland?

We want to turn a profit in the future, have plenty of outdoor space and being close to friends and family.

Lucky for us being able to turn a profit in the future and outdoor space are closely linked in our market. A well maintained lawn, as part of a great outdoor space, can add an average of 12% to the value of your property. That’s approximately $48,600 on a $405,000 property – enabling you to turn a profit in the future.

With many homebuyers factoring a lawn into their house budget, it just shows how important a safe, backyard still is. Some studies put having a real lawn and a decent sized backyard in the top 3 of priorities or wish-list when buying. And the ideal is – a backyard or lawn that is equivalent to one-third of the size of the block of land.

According to landscaper and TV personality, Jody Rigby, ‘It’s the Australian way of life to grow up running around in the backyard and it’s not as hard as many think to keep a lawn looking beautiful and green, despite the kids’ wear and tear.’

It seems that the value of great Australian backyard, lawn cricket and a great place for our kids to play and to entertain hasn’t diminished over years and isn’t likely to any time soon.

So if you are considering buying, readying your property for sale or spending capital with an eye on future returns, a great aspect to consider is the lawn.

If you are looking to install a new lawn in readiness to sell your property or just wanting to install new turf to enjoy now and to add future value to your home, contact Daleys Turf or order online today.

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