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There are many reasons why Sir Walter is Australia’s favourite turf and the country’s number one choice for buffalo lawns. This variety of turf was created specifically to suit the local environment and has stood the test of time, proving it will thrive anywhere across the country. Whether full sun or shade, drought, frost, flood or unrelenting heat, Sir Walter lasts the distance.

Sir Walter was bred to handle anything the Australian climate could throw at it and look lush and green while doing it. The installation speaks for its self – over 50 million metres of Sir Walter has been laid Australia wide – that’s equal to 350, 000 Aussie homes enjoying a Sir Walter lawn.

What makes Sir Walter Australia's Favourite Turf

Not just a lawn

When you install a Sir Walter lawn you’re not just getting any old lawn – you’re starting a whole new lifestyle. Gone are the hours and hours of time consuming maintenance, gone are the incessant pest infestations, weeds (particularly the horrid bindii) and bald patches. Sir Walter is green and lush year round, with a tight growth habit to deter most weeds and the ability to self-repair quickly if damaged.

Sir Walter requires less mowing than other varieties of turf and maintains its colour through the colder months as well as in times of drought. With a deep root system Sir Walter can grow deep into the subsoil gathering moisture, needing less frequent watering. And as an added bonus, a Sir Walter lawn has proven to reduce the heat around your home by up to 10 degrees – nature’s own air-conditioner.

Backed by lifetime support from Daleys Turf

Every Sir Walter purchase, regardless of how big or small, will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Warranty which is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter. As a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands, your purchase of Sir Walter from Daleys Turf will also be covered by the LSA nationwide warranty.

Contact the Daleys Turf team now to find out how quickly you can begin to enjoy a brand new Sir Walter Lawn.

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