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Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 9:30 AM Subject: Weed Taking over our lawn

Hi, please find attached photo of the weed taking over out lawn, we have been trying to get rid of it for about 12 months by pulling it out but it just keeps coming back. We pulled it all out and fertilized about 4 weeks ago and it has come back again see attached photo.




This is known as a broadleaf weed, which can be sprayed out of a ‘Sir Walter’ lawn by using, ‘Sir Walter’ Weed Control available from our Online Store, all growers, Big W, Mitre 10 and all good gardening centres. You must follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions and repeat spraying in 10 days time, if the weed is still visible for the best results have the soil moist and the weed active (growing), spray early morning and don’t mow for a couple of days prior or post spraying.

Another method to remove this weed is to fertilise the area well and water it in, repeat this 3-4 weeks later and maybe top dress with some good clean soil, add some soil conditioners like Dolomite & Gypsum and you will find in time, with weekly mowing the ‘Sir Walter’ will out perform the weeds and choke them out.

You will notice this weed has only appeared in some parts of your lawn.

The reason this weed has invaded the ‘Sir Walter’ Lawn is because of the poor growing conditions for the turf grass, being the very hard, clayish soil, with poor drainage and the lack of consistent nutrients available for strong healthly growth of the turf. If this was a good growing medium, there would be little chance of weeds invading a ‘Sir Walter’ Lawn, regular mowing and watering are important too.

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