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Understanding Slow Release FertiliserSlow release fertiliser is something you are told to use when it comes to lawn care in the Autumn, but what exactly is it and what does it do to your lawn?

Slow release fertilisers do exactly what they say. These fertilisers constantly release a small amount of nutrients over a short period of time by naturally breaking down and decomposing. The fertiliser is usually coated with plastic resin or sulfur polymers that break down over time. This allows for the fertiliser to be slowly released over time. 

Slow release fertilisers are good for your garden as they allow for the maximum absorption of the fertiliser. Quick releasing fertilisers can burn your plants, and often get washed away due to rain or watering. Slow releasing fertilisers stay in the soil longer, are generally safer for your garden and can feed your lawn for months at a time. The constant nutrients in the lawn leads to better growth, better density and more consistent colour.

In our opinion the best one to use is of course Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser available from our store.  It provides a great option for your lawn throughout the year!

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