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When you have a well-used back or front yard it’s important to choose a turf variety that can not only handle, but thrive with high amounts of traffic. If backyard sports, dogs, and paths to and from sheds and clotheslines wear the same track day after day, the lawn can quite easily suffer from wear and tear and stress. So when choosing a new lawn, look for a turf that can tolerate wear and tear as well as a variety that can quickly self repair any damage without too much extra maintenance.

Daleys Turf picks for high traffic areas:

Nullabor Couch

A tough turf that works well in high traffic areas; it’s fast growing and can repair quickly from most damage. With a fine leaf and lots of underground and above ground runners, couch is known for its ability to quickly regrow. When mowed regularly, fertilised, de-thatched as needed and supplied enough water, this lawn variety is attractive and long lasting.

Platinum Zoysia

With a fine leaf, soft texture and able to tolerate a certain amount of neglect, Zoysia’s main strength is its ability to handle wear and tear. With high levels of Silica in Zoysia that is not present in other turf varieties, it copes extremely well with consistent levels of traffic. It can be a little slower to self-repair so may not be the best choice if your traffic levels are extremely high and if time to spend on maintenance is an issue.

When you install a Daleys Turf lawn you receive a turf suitable to our local climate and support for the life of your lawn too.

If your yard experiences high level of traffic and you are looking to install a new, suitable lawn then have a chat with the lawn experts at Daleys Turf for the best advice on turf for your space.

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