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Your lawn will really appreciate an application on fertiliser in early summer – it will give it a boost as the growing phase picks up.  With this in mind, here are the top tips for your early summer lawn fertilising from the team at Daleys Turf:

  • Before applying fertiliser ensure you select the right variety for the type of lawn you have (and the time of year)
  • Before applying the fertiliser, rake up any leaves and remove any other debris from the lawn
  • Wait at least two days between mowing and applying the fertiliser
  • Don’t water the lawn before you apply the fertiliser as this can lead to the fertiliser being uneven in its distribution
  • Always read all of the instructions that are supplied with the fertiliser and follow them. Never apply more than the rate recommended or you run the risk of burning the grass
  • Apply with an even coverage – it’s often best to use a wheeled or handheld fertiliser spreader.
  • Water in the fertiliser (or apply when rain is imminent) – but always follow the watering instructions provided with the fertilising product.
  • Wait for around a week after applying the fertiliser before you mow the lawn and ensure you leave the lawnmower catcher off for the first mow
  • Buy as much as you need – you should not store an opened bag of fertiliser for more than 6 months. Ensure it is always clearly marked and kept well out of reach of children

While in a perfect world you would apply fertiliser to your lawn three times a year – early spring, early summer and mid-late autumn, if you do only fertiliser once a year, early summer is the time to do it. And ensure you use a slow release fertiliser so your lawn gets as much goodness as possible.

For more lawn care tips just contact the team at Daleys Turf – we’re here for the life of your lawn.

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