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Fertilising your lawn is an important part of lawn maintenance, keeping your lawn healthy and growing year round.  Generally – you should fertilise your lawn twice a year in autumn and spring to protect it during the colder months and make sure it is ready to rejuvenate and grow during the spring ad summer.

Daleys Turf have a range of fertilisers and lawn care products to suit turf lawns available in our online store and our team are always available via phoner or email with ready advice to help you keep your turf healthy.

Top Tips for Fertilising Your LawnOur Top Tips for Fertilising Turf Lawns

1. Mow your lawn before applying the fertilizer for more even distribution.

2. Use a lawn fertiliser spreader to evenly distribute your fertilise
For dry fertilisers – a spreader will make sure you get a nice even coverage. You can use a handheld spreader or a push type spreader – it really depends on the size of the lawn you are treating.  Make sure you use gloves and eye protection, then simply follow the instructions on your chosen fertilser to ensure the right amount is used for the area being treated.  Walk a gris pattern at a steady pace to distribute the fertiliser over the lawn.

3. Clean up
Sweep any excess fertiliser off edging, concrete paths, driveways or other hard surfaces and wash your hands.

4. Water in the fertiliser
Give the lawn a good soaking to water in the fertiliser and help it soak into he soil and penetrate the roots.  Plant roots take up nutrients in a liquid form, so granular fertilisers are slower to deliver nutrients because they must first break down and dissolve in water in the soil. The great benefit of this is that you can deliver a small but constant feed to your lawn over 8 weeks. This gives improved growth which is sustained over time as opposed to instant but short-lived results.

When applying fertiliser, it is important to choose a slow-release granular fertiliser that will provide a slow release of nutrient to your lawn throughout spring. A good feed of slow-release Nitrogen will help the plant to prepare for the stresses of a hot summer. We recommend using Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser. This fertiliser has a combination of both fast and slow-release granules, is suitable for all lawn varieties and will aid your lawn with a sustained boost to help improve the overall health of the lawn.

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