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Have you just moved into a property with a lawn for the first time? Or maybe you have just installed a new lawn and are unsure if you have all the tools you need? Never fear, here is a list of the must-have tools to ensure you can keep your South East Queensland lawn in the best of health.


The choice of a lawnmower is a rather personal one, however you should consider a few things before making a decision. Take into consideration the size of your lawn, the terrain of your property and of course, your budget.

Whipper Snipper

Used for trimming edges, along paths and driveways and around yard objects such as trees. A whipper shipper will keep your lawn looking neat and tidy. Like lawn mowers there are a lot of options available, so you may be better off heading to your local supplier for some expert advice.

Turf Edger

A turf edger will help you to keep you pathways and driveways tidy by creating a clean cut and line between them and your lawn. These days they are available in both hand powered and petrol powered models.

Weeding Brush/Wand

Unfortunately most lawns will get weeds or foreign grasses from time to time and the best way to get rid of them is to catch them as soon as they begin appearing and before you have an invasion on your hands. A weeding brush or wand will allow you to paint the weed or invading grass directly with a glyphosate product to kill it quickly and easily.

Pressure Sprayer

Should you discover an infestation of pest or an invasion of weeds or a foreign grass then you’ll be glad you have a pressure sprayer handy. This sprayer will allow you to easily and safely apply the required insecticide or herbicide.

Lawn Aerators

From time to time, particularly with clay based soils, your lawn will require aeration. This can usually be tackled easily if you have a lawn aerator on hand. A garden fork or lawn aerator sandals are a cheap option, they don’t take up much storage space and are easy to use.

Hose and Attachment or Sprinkler System

All lawns will require watering, especially if newly installed, so it is essential that you have the right tools on hand to complete the task. Whether you choose a hose and attachment or a sprinkler system that is up to you, the size of your lawn and the amount of time you have available on a regular basis for undertaking watering.

Measuring Spoons

You do not want to be using your kitchen measuring spoons for anything to do with lawn maintenance. Purchase a set that will be used exclusively for the lawn. They will come in handy for accurately measuring fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.


A good quality pair of shears will make short work of trimming trees and shrubs of foliage which creates too much shade and limits much needed sunlight to the lawn.


Cheap and easy to store, a rake is a great tool to collect fallen leaves and debris, as well as to undertake dethatching when and as required.

pH Testing Kit

The right pH level of your soil is imperative for the health of your lawn plants. A pH testing kit will help you determine exactly what your soil needs to provide optimum growing conditions for your lawn. A combination moisture, light and pH tester would be the best option, as it has everything covered.

Assembling the right tools will ensure that you are well prepared for your lawn maintenance jobs as they crop up. An appropriate set of tools will eliminate the need to constantly head to the hardware store in order to get the weekend chores sorted.

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