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The Best Turf for Commercial LawnsFor your next commercial lawn project, you want to pick the best type of lawn that not only looks good, but is functional. So which type of lawn should you use. Make sure to consider the use of the lawn, the conditions it will be under and your cost preferences.

There are many types of commercial lawn, but here are our top picks.

Kikuyu Grass
Kikuyu Grass is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. This fast-repairing grass thrives in our environment and is drought tolerant and low maintenance. Although it doesn’t need as much watering, it does not grow well in shaded areas and requires more mowing than other grass types. 

Buffalo Grass
Buffalo Grass is one of the most popular varieties in Australia. It is durable, requires low maintenance and thrives in the Australian environment. Buffalo grass is a soft leaf and has low allergen characteristics while also being drought, cold, shade and salt resistant.

Couch Grass
Couch grass is perfect for a more manicured look as it produces a rich dark green colour all year round. It is very low maintenance and required very little watering. Its high salt tolerance and durability makes it perfect to use on a sport field or playground. Couch grass however, required 5-6 hours of sunlight a day to stay healthy.

Sir Grange Turf
Sir Grange is a fine-leaf Zoysia Matrella from Daleys Turf. It has high shade and wear tolerance and has a deep green leaf. Perfect for golf courses, high end homes and more, it requires less maintenance than most other grass types. It is twice as dense as Couch and Kikuyu and the blades grow directly upwards from the surface.

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