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Autumn brings with it shorter days and temperatures that are a bit cooler but your lawn is still growing, making it the perfect time to ready your lawn so that it performs better during Winter. Aim to have your lawn in peak condition by Easter.

After more traffic and drier conditions during Summer, it’s more than likely your lawn is suffering stress. This is the right time to repair any damage it has suffered as a result of drought conditions and Summer storms.

If Summer rains has compacted the soil and reduce the drainage moss may appear. Firstly, aerate the soil using a garden fork or a hired spiked roller that will core the soil. Moss can then be removed using a garden rake or sprayed with sulphate of iron – there a several commercial moss killers on the market.

Autumn is a great time to fertilise your lawn – something you should aim to do every three months. Before fertilising, remove or treat any pests and weeds, and top dress any bare patches with sand or a lawn topdressing soil. The fertiliser that should be applied at this time of year should be a ‘complete’ fertiliser, one that will encourage root growth.

  • When undertaking you usual lawn care maintenance during autumn we recommend that you:
  • Start leaving a bit of length on the lawn in preparation for the cooler months ahead;
  • Keep up your watering regime but water in the morning so that the lawn has time to dry out before temperatures drop at night;
  • Spray the lawn with a wetting agent to conserve water.

If you lawn has been badly affected by pests, erratic Summer weather patterns or flooding, Autumn is the ideal time to lay a new turf. Lawns laid now will still have ample time to establish before Winter and the dormant growing season.

You can order your new lawn online today at Daleys Turf. Too busy to install the turf? No problem, the team can take care of that too with their turf laying service.

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