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A relatively new turf disease, Take All Root Rot, is becoming more prevalent in lawns across Australia. First discovered in buffalo grass it is now found to affected many other lawn varieties as well.

There is no specific cure to the disease, only management treatments that ensure the lawn is in the best possible health so that the turf is able to fight the disease on its own.

Take All Root Rot aka Take All Patch or Take All Disease, will show itself with one or two feet wide patches and will quickly spread to cover the entire lawn. It is most easily identified by the way in which it will darken and blacken the above ground stolons or runners. The darken/blackened parts are where the runners are slowly being rotted away. The turf may also lift up easily in affected areas.

While some lawn owners have reported success in eradicating Take All Root Rot with the professional application of a commercial-grade fungicide – there is not enough evidence to support this option as a cure or even an expected outcome.

Daleys Turf recommends using a fungicide as just one part of a consistent lawn care plan which increases the health of the lawn and manages the disease; allowing the turf to outcompete the disease and self-repair.

Implement a year round lawn care plan:

  1. Fertilise the lawn regularly throughout the year using a good quality lawn fertiliser with trace elements;
  2. Apply a fungicide when the disease appears to be developing a new outbreak;
  3. Mowing frequently and remove thatch as required and lessen the ability of the disease to flourish in the warm and humid thatch layer of the turf;
  4. Manage the pH levels by conducting regular soil tests and adjusting the pH levels as necessary – a pH level of 5.5 – 6.0 will keep the lawn healthy and also create a hostile environment for the disease;
  5. Aerate your lawn to remove plugs of turf, thatch and soil, allowing masses of oxygen to reach the roots – again this is good for the lawn and hostile to the root rot.

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