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While it may sound nice and seasonal, Summer Grass is actually a common variety of weed found in lawns and gardens (and bushland) throughout South East Queensland.

This fast growing weed sends shoots out from its centre through stolons or above ground runners. The stems are often brown or reddish in colour and it is identified by its fine seed heads and slender branches.

The major concern with this weed is that since it is a prolific seeder it can easily spread and take over your lawn. When initially identified, you should remove the whole plant, including all the roots by hand – since it’s a variety of grass, lawn mowing will not remove it entirely, just remove the seed heads and control the amount of seeds. If the infestation is significant before you realise that it has taken up residency, you can use a selective herbicide. As always, ensure that you apply a product specifically designed for the variety of lawn you have to avoid killing off the lawn plants you want to keep.

Before undertaking any herbicide treatment it is important to know that Summer Grass and Crab Grass look quite similar and are often confused. A helpful source of identification is a Weed Identification website provided by the Brisbane City Council. With useful images and search functions this site can be found here.

If you are not sure about which weed you have or the right product to use to eradicate it, take a sample plant into your local nursery or lawn care supplier and ask for their expert advice.

Daleys Turf provides a wide range of articles and videos to assist you with a variety of lawn care issues. If you cannot find the answer to your lawn care problem, please get in touch and the team will endeavour to provide you with an answer.

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