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Spring is a very important time for your lawn. It’s preparing to move into its growing phase so it’s the time to give it a boost and a helping hand.

Now you shouldn’t wait for a date on the calendar; as a general rule, when the nights get warmer and the days begin that bit earlier, then it’s spring time for the lawn and your garden. When the overnight temperature warms up, so too does the soil temperature, and your lawn will grow. Depending on the variety of lawn you have it will either come out of its dormancy or just start growing faster. Either way, it’s getting to the time of year when mowing frequency is increased.

Spring is a fantastic time to get ready for the season ahead and typically involves these three main areas:

A spring clean

Your lawn will benefit from a spring clean just as much as your house will. During the cooler months, when lawn growth slows and you don’t mow as much, weeds may (and usually do) grow. With some older grass varieties you might have to consider spraying for weed, but if you have a more modern type of lawn, like a Sir Walter lawn, generally a close mowing will help in cleaning up the winter weeds. If you lawn has been affected by invading grasses then it’s best to selectively remove them by hand or with a weed wand.


Some lawn varieties build up a spongy thatch layer over summer and into winter, so when spring returns it’s often a good idea to give your lawn a close mow to dethatch it. With older types of lawn, such as Couch, you might need to use a scarifying machine.


Spring is a fantastic time to apply fertiliser as it will provide the boost of nutrients it needs for the growing phase. The best advice is to fertilise at the beginning of spring and again 4-6 weeks later in order to be ready for the heat of summer.

Contact Daleys Turf for any specific spring lawn care advice – we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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