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The warmer weather is definitely on its way here in South East Queensland – and not a moment too soon. With the arrival of Spring – it’s time to take stock of your lawn care regime and make seasonal adjustments to ensure your lawn is in the best condition for Summer. A little work now as your lawn approaches its growth phase and you will be enjoying your lawn all through the warmer months. Read on to see Daleys Turf’s Spring lawn care checklist.

  1. Check the pH level of your soil before you fertilise to ensure you are feeding your lawn and soil exactly what it needs. See our blog on checking pH levels here.
  2. Check for compacted soil that can inhibit the growth of your lawn plants. See our article on how to deal with a compacted lawn here.
  3. Check for too much thatch in your lawn. If your lawn is particularly spongy to walk on then you may have to dethatch your lawn. Watch out for our next blog on how to undertake dethatching.
  4. Get your lawn mower serviced and ensure that the blades are sharpened as you head into the seasons of increased frequency of lawn mowing.
  5. Assess the drainage of your lawn before the storm season begins. Fix any drainage issues in and around wet areas.
  6. Before you fertilise – check your lawn for weeds. Remove by hand or if a larger issue – use a weed control product suitable for your lawn type.
  7. Fertilise your lawn with a reputable slow release fertiliser that is suitable to your lawn type and the needs of your particular lawn.
  8. Water your lawn thoroughly during the first month of Spring to ensure that your lawn is in the best possible condition heading into the warmer days.
  9. Identify the shady areas of your lawn and where possible trim back overhanging trees and plants to allow adequate sunlight to reach the lawn plants.
  10. Winter rains have left many lawns with pot holes or depressions. If this is your lawn now may be the perfect time to apply a top dressing to enhance the health of the soil beneath the lawn plants.

Dethatching and top dressing are not recommended for Fescue, Rye Grass and Kentucky Blue Grass. For this reason and for applying any pest control, weed control or fertilisers it’s important to know the type of lawn you have growing in your backyard.

Undertake our Spring lawn care checklist and you’ll be well on your way to getting out there and taking advantage of your great South East Queensland lawn. If you need help with any lawn care issues contact Daleys Turf today.

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