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With the weather warming up and the growing phase for your lawn kicking into high gear, Spring is a fantastic time to take stock of the current condition of your lawn and determine if there’s anything it needs.

If there are some areas that appear a bit patchy or sparse then it might be time to do a bit of returfing. Take a strong, metal rake and remove any surrounding hard thatch. Dig in some organic matter and water in thoroughly to revitalise the soil and add some extra nutrients. Fill the bare areas with turf and then apply a fertiliser to the entire lawn. Water in thoroughly.

Keep an eye on the new turf over the next few weeks to ensure it takes hold and knits with the pre-existing lawn. The new lawn plants will need a bit more watering than usual while it establishes but be sure not to overwater the rest of the lawn while you are at it.

If your patches are quite small, or you just have a few brown-looking patches your lawn probably just needs a boost after the dormant phase. Apply a slow release fertiliser and water in – this will give your lawn a boost of nutrients that may have depleted over the cooler months. Make sure you use a fertiliser specifically designed for lawns. If your lawn doesn’t appear to improve or it still seems to be struggling, we suggest completing a pH soil test to find out exactly what nutrients and vitamins the soil is lacking and make a plan from there of how to restore the balance in the soil and therefore the health of your lawn.

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