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Having your own dog or cat making a mess of your lawn is one thing, but having someone else’s make it a mess is a whole bigger issue.

Daleys Turf recommends a repellent product called Mulitcrop KEEP OFF – it’s safe for you and your family, the animals and the lawn too. By scattering the crystals on gardens and lawns you can repel unwanted visitors and train your own dog or cat to avoid certain gardens or areas of your lawn.

Multicrop Keep Off contains a highly perfumed repellent which cats and dogs find offensive. It confuses their sense of smell and also masks the residual odour of any previous excrement or urine which would normally attract them. Over a period of three to four weeks animals can be trained to avoid the treated areas. Traditional ‘repellents’ are usually not very successful and often only work for a few hours or not at all. When it rains the repellent may be washed away and in hot weather the repellent may evaporate.

About Multicrop Keep Off:

  • Easy to use and completely safe
  • Effective in all weather conditions
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Can’t harm humans, pets or plants
  • Smell is not offensive to humans
  • Proven effective around the world
  • It works

Multicrop KEEP OFF crystals are different! The repellent is suspended in the crystals which are jelly-like when saturated with water. When it rains the crystals absorb more water and grow; they are not washed away. In hot weather the crystals dry out but the repellent stays ‘locked in’, to be released next time it rains or when you water.

For best results use Multicrop KEEP OFF as directed on the label. First remove any animal excrement and/or hose thoroughly to flush away any urine. Apply crystals sparingly. Repeat the entire procedure every few days until undesirable habits have been broken. It may take longer to discourage animals which have been visiting for a long period of time. Young puppies can take longer to respond. Certain gardening materials such as blood and bone can be a strong attraction for cats and dogs; this may overpower the effectiveness of the repellent so consider using a different product to fertilise.

So if you have issue with your pets or those that wander the neighbourhood with little regard for property boundaries you can order Multicrop KEEP OFF from Daleys Turf and have it delivered to the door. We offer a wide range of lawn care products to help you care for your lawn.

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