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Sir Walter soft-leaf Buffalo reach a staggering new milestone. Australia’s favourite lawn has surpassed the 60 million square metre installation mark. This now makes it the biggest selling turf variety per-capita in the world.

Generations ago Buffalo grass was only popular due to its tough blade structure, heat tolerance and low water consumption, despite being terribly itchy, being slow to establish and suffering from poor colour retention. Backyard sizes shrank but that just added another issue for lawn growers to contend with; now lawn varieties had to be both sun and shade tolerant in order to survive in the smaller backyards.

After Aussies families struggled with Buffalo grass for years and years, the future arrived in 1996. A grass burst onto the market that was drought resistant, thrived in both shade and sun, stayed green all year long, was more resilient to disease, pests and fungi than other varieties of turf, and was great for the kids to roll around and play on. Sir Walter had been launched.

Thousands of residential and commercial installations later, Sir Walter continues to thrive in even the harshest of weather conditions. Humidity, floods, grubs, weeds and even water restrictions are no match for this turf.

‘Sir Walter buffalo lawn is a hard wearing but beautiful soft leaf buffalo and it remains Australia’s no. 1’ – Sir Walter

Daleys Turf wishes to congratulate Sir Walter on their historic milestone and is proud to be part of a select number of Australian turf growers that are certified to produce Sir Walter soft-leaf Buffalo grass for families across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

Contact us if you want to install this amazing turf at your place.

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