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Derivative means something that is based on another source. In lawn and turf terms a derivative is a breed of plant that is bred from another variety of lawn. To answer the question of whether or not there are Sir Walter Premium Lawn derivatives on the market? NO. There is only one Sir Walter.

There are many lawn growers on the market that claim that they produce a lawn which is ‘bred from’, ‘the brother of’ or the ‘sister of’ Sir Walter Premium lawn when that is not at all true. These claims come about since Sir Walter is the most successful lawn variety ever and is popular all over Australia including South East Queensland. This turf has now been laid on over 300,000 Australian backyards. First developed in the mid-1990s this buffalo lawn soon surpassed its predecessors by proving to be soft leaf variety, sun and shade tolerant which is much more suited to the Australian climate and way of life.

Because this variety of lawn is so special, Sir Walter has gone to great lengths to protect the integrity of the product. Sir Walter Premium lawn is a registered Plant Breeders Rights turf and under this registration cannot be copied. This turf is Australian bred, registered and managed to ensure that the high quality is preserved at all times.

When you purchase Sir Walter Premium turf you can be assured that you a getting the one and only genuine product by receiving your certificate of verification from one of over 60 licensed growers in Australia. Growers of Sir Walter must be licensed to ensure that the variety and all its attributes are maintained.

Sir Walter is perfectly suited to the Australia climate, requires only a medium level of maintenance, little water, provides good protection from pest and weed invasions and handles the shade well. This turf retains a great winter colour and is self-repairing – It’s no wonder really that people claim that they have been able to copy it.

When going through your turf decision making process ask your local turf grower to see the certificate of verification to make sure what they are trying to sell you is the real deal. For more information on licensed Sir Walter Premium turfs growers see Daleys Turf.

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