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Keeping your lawn up to standards is a tough job and often takes a few days out of your calendar. It often starts with mowing and edging your lawns, but which one do you do first? Asking around, there seems to be many different opinions on this process. There is no definitive order and it is completely subjective to the person. It doesn’t make a difference in the health of your lawn, however, we have discovered it does make a difference in the appearance! 

Should you mow or edge your lawn first?While there is no definitive answer, it is often found that doing the edges first can be easier and leave a cleaner appearance. Doing the edges first will mean that the excess clippings from the edges will then get cleaned up when the mower goes over the top of them, making the clean up a lot easier and quicker. But if you don’t mind blowing away the clippings afterwards, then it doesn’t make a difference. 

It often depends on what your lawn is like. If you have a well maintained lawn that is regularly mowed quite low, there are benefits in edging first. This will create a line for the mower to follow and finish along while ensuring the height of the grass is even. By mowing before doing the edges, it can sometimes leave an unfinished, uneven look.

In the long term, the order in which you manage your lawn is totally up to you and what you think is easier and better for your lawn.

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