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Here at Daleys Turf we hear this question a lot. People want a healthy, thriving, green lawn but are overwhelmed about the best way to achieve this. You have two main choices:

Lay and spread some soil, sow the seed and wait


Roll out some new instant turf. But, obviously, there’s a bit more to it than that. There are pros and cons to both options:


This option can be good for those on an extremely tight budget but you need to be ready to put in time and effort into establishing your lawn. In our experience, in order to achieve good results you will need to over sow your lawn a number of times. Over sowing is reseeding your established lawn. Unfortunately, the local climate in South East Queensland doesn’t help in the germination of seed. High rainfall can simply wash the seed away – that’s if the birds don’t get to it first.


The most effective way of establishing a healthy lawn is by laying instant turf. Essentially, the process is transplanting a healthy lawn from one place to another and if it continues to receive correct lawn care, it will remain healthy. The hard work has all been done at our turf farm – you just need to prepare the area properly, get handy with the hose and your lawn will be both established and beautiful in a matter of mere weeks. Whether you decide to seed or install an instant lawn, preparation is the key. You must have a good base to begin with or you will probably end up with less than satisfactory results. Both need a deep base of 100mms of uncompacted soil. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to bring in that much soil, but you need to end up with that much – from either using what you have, bringing in an amount to top it up, or bring it all in.

For a head start to get a healthy, green lawn call the team at Daleys Turf. We can have your new instant lawn to you in a matter of days. 

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